About Heaven's Messages - Readings

From Heaven, With Love

Heaven's Messages specializes in Spiritual Readings and Healings from the Heart.  My name is Colleen and I am a Psychic Medium, Empath,  and Healer.  I connect with my Spirit Guides and Source  as well as your departed loved ones to bring forth messages of love, hope and inspiration. As a Healer of Souls, I provide a healing service of connecting souls together.

Psychic Readings and Mediumship Readings

Psychic Readings are  where we connect to Spirit  to provide guidance  in the areas of love, relationships, career, money and finance, to name a few.  I really enjoy assisting you with guidance from Spirit to gain insight  and clarity so that you can navigate life's challenges and make the best choices for you!

Mediumship Readings are where I connect directly with your departed loved ones to bring forth loving messages and to provide evidence from your loved one that they are here with you.  It is my sincere hope that you will find healing, peace and closure, as well as reassurance that there is indeed life after death and we do go on in spirit. Your loved ones are around you all the time,  offering messages of encouragement, guidance, and love.

About Me

I have been an Empath from a very young age, which means I felt what others were feeling even as a child.  My Godmother was psychic and I spent time with her growing up on and off, and was always interested in what she did.  Fast forward to post college graduation and into my twenties.  One night, lying in bed, I saw my first spirit, a recently deceased loved one, standing at the foot of my bed.  He was see-through.  It was a little unnerving to say the least!  This however, launched my studies into mediumship work and spirituality, followed by the appearance of many other souls wanting to connect with me.  I have since that time, read numerous books, attended many many lectures and workshops, and studied with such world renowned Lightworkers  as Doreen Virtue, where I became a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner ®, Charles Virtue, where I was certified as a Medium, Tim Braun where I was also certified as a Medium, Dr. Eric Pearl, where I was certified as a Reconnective Healer, and Lisa Williams, where I was trained and certified as a Psychic Medium, just to name a few. I have also studied  under Mavis Patilla and Colin Bates from the Arthur Findlay College in Essex, England.  I continually take classes to grow and learn because I believe we continue to grow, learn and evolve until the day we pass from this life to the next.  My loves, outside of assisting others through readings and healings, are scuba diving where I am a Master Diver, sailing, exploring new locales and world travel, and enjoying the awesome beauty in nature (I'm an amateur photographer both above and below the sea!).  I am especially fond of Tropical Destinations and have lived in many of them.  I speak Spanish and French and have owned three businesses in the Travel and Tourism/ Hospitality arena.  Just like everyone, life has thrown it's curve balls at me and I have had my shares of ups and downs, including the loss of dear loved ones.  It is my hope in doing this work that I can assist as many people as possible, with the help of God and Spirit, to heal their lives.