Services Offered - Readings

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Mediumship Readings

I offer 30 minute and one hour mediumship readings where we connect with your departed loved ones.  I usually bring forth evidence of areas of their life, things they shared with you, how they appeared in life, their personality, and a message from them to you.  

Psychic Readings

Here I offer 30 minute and one hour readings and we look at areas of your life where you may need guidance or have questions, such as the areas of love, family, career, money, finances. This is very interactive and you can ask questions and we will check in with Spirit to see what guidance they have for you.  

Healing Modalities

I offer Reiki Distance Healings, Reconnective Healings, and more.  Please email me to discuss your specific needs and I am happy to set up a session for you!

How I work

You will find me to be a very friendly, outgoing, caring, and loving person, and I am very easy to talk to about anything that concerns you.  All readings are either via email, phone or Skype.  For email readings you can ask whatever you like. I will reply within 24 hours, and then you can ask any questions you like in one return email. In phone and Skype readings I usually take a few moments to connect with you and Spirit, or your departed loved ones.  Then we delve into the reading to see what insights we are given.  I will always allow a few minutes at the end for questions if need be.  For Healing Modalities they are distance sessions.  All readings and healings, whether psychic or medium, and no matter the method of delivery that you choose, produce the same excellent results.  


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